Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos


The monks travel to

Saints Mary and Martha Orthodox Monastery.

The visit includes a festive lunch, a personalized tour

of the monastery, and a prayerful celebration of vespers

with Mother Thecla, Mother Helena, and Mother Seraphima

The monks are greeted by Branwynn, the monastery dog

Mother Helena begins the tour with a history of the monastery
The ducks help to control insects without the use of chemicals
A manual water pump keeps the water flowing during power outages
Fr Nicholas spots a great miter saw in the book binding workshop
The hermitage provides a place for prayer and solitude
The sturdy construction of the candle making factory is impressive
The income from the production of candles pays some of the monthly bills
One of several graves in the natural cemetery
The meditative atmosphere of the monastery church
After vespers, everyone relaxes and enjoys fellowship
Our visit ends with Mother Thecla presenting Monk Mark with a Christmas Cactus


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